Empowering Women Financially, Spiritually and Self Esteem

Our partners are dedicated to providing women with the means to better themselves, their families and their lives.    We all look forward to serving YOU!


Our Empowerment Partners

Stacey Gross, Caliber Home Loans

  With over 26 years in the real estate industry Stacey prides herself on her customer service and providing a smooth loan process. By going the extra mile and ensuring that every client has the best options and is given best in class service is the minimum you can expect.   Stacey especially enjoys helping women to gain financial independence through home ownership.  Stacey will do a free credit consultation to put you in the best possible position to reach your home ownership goals. 

Amber Parks, Reliant Title Company

 Amber will work strategically with the Empowerment Partners and our clients to ensure that everyone gets the help they need. She has owned successful businesses and brings twenty years of sales, marketing and networking experience to the group. She listens to what a client needs and matches them with the right person in order to create solutions that ensure positive results. Amber is a proud fourth generation Arizonan, passionate about yoga, meditation and art. She finds joy and a full heart spending time with her loving family and sassy wiener dogs 

Socrates Hattox, Alliance Insurance Partners

  Father of two and a Phoenix Suns & LA Chargers super fan!  “Soc” was born and raised in San Diego.  He moved to Phoenix 25-years ago and became a leader in the mortgage and banking industry. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s launched multiple businesses to great success, including Mountain Ridge Companies and Alliance Home Loans.  His teams have closed well over a billion dollars in home loans nationwide. After identifying a gap in the insurance market, Soc created Alliance Insurance Partners where he currently serves as President.  Soc is especially sensitive to having his team help women find the insurance coverage that fits their budget and makes them feel protected and secure.

When he’s not in the office, you'll find Soc at home relaxing with his family, in the gym, court-side at a Suns game or on the golf course.

Our Concierge Services

Becky Lynn Shadid, Life Coach

Becky Lynn Shadid, Life Coach

 Becky is a behavioral life coach, hypnotherapist and motivational speaker who teaches groups and individuals how to live their Best Life. Her commitment to co-creating a world of sustainability in peace, health and prosperity has been changing lives across the world for over 20 years. She helps design a life that stops taking on other people’s energy, detox heavy emotions and set healthy boundaries reclaiming your own personal power to its fullest potential. Causing....contentment, happiness and prosperity at all levels of your being.... mind, body and soul.  Becky offers the first 30-minutes as a free consultation. 

Amanda K Guimond, Makeover Artist

Amanda K Guimond, Makeover Artist


I love old movies (Bringing Up Baby and The Quiet Man are a couple of faves), being artistic (painting mostly), and playing with makeup. I’ve been a distributor with a cosmetics company for 2 years and am working towards my Make Up Artist certification with them.  I am super excited to be working with Sue empowering women and helping to build their confidence and self-esteem through free makeovers and an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on if it’s what you need. Let’s do this!